Xiaolu Guo Retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery

Opening (9th May 6pm) at the Whitechapel Gallery (London)

Retrospective: She, a Chinese

One of the most distinctive figures in world literature and cinema, the multi-award winning Chinese writer and film-maker Xiaolu Guo has, over the last 20 years, crafted a singular body of film work, covering short and artist’s film, documentary, essay and fiction features, and her films have premiered at Locarno, Sundance, Toronto and Venice, among many other festivals. Tracking her own experience living between a radically changed China and the West, Guo’s films explore marginalized lives in transit across a globalized world.

This first complete retrospective presents all her films, and Guo will be present at each screening, throughout May.


Xiaolu Guo: Five Men and a Caravaggio (Opening Screening)

Xiaolu Guo: Event Horizons

Xiaolu Guo: Once Upon a Time in China

Xiaolu Guo: The edge is Where the Centre is

Closing her retrospective, Xiaolu Guo‘s How Is Your Fish Today? (2006) offers an intriguing meta-fiction on identity and creativity, set on the Chinese-Russian border. In contrast, Late at Night: Voices of Ordinary Madness(2013) digs behind the facade of gentrifying East London to reveal lives as marginalised as those explored in her Chinese work. Introduced by Guo.


Zilkha Auditorium/ Whitechapel Gallery Hours

Image Credit: Detail of film still from "How Is Your Fish Today" © Xiaolu Guo Productions

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