Women and Power at the Hay Festival

Deborah Levy

Deborah Levy and Rosie Goldsmith, Director of the European Literature Network, will talk about women, power, and patriarchy at the Hay Festival.

Saturday 4 June | 1 p.m. | Festival Friends Stage

“This trilogy of genre-bending living autobiographies considers the matter of finding a voice and the courage to use it. In Real Estate, Levy asks an existential question: If patriarchy owns the deeds to the land, are women its sitting tenants? If so, how might she find a house of her own? In The Cost of Living, Levy considers what it takes to become a mother, to lose a mother, to dismantle her own life and remake it anew. And in Things I Don’t Want To Know, Levy’s portrait of a young woman in the storm of life, she wonders what it takes for a writer to claim her feelings might be valuable.”

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