Responsiveness and Resilience in the Built Environment:

A course with Lynette Widder

Lynnette Widder's class "Responsiveness and Resilience in the Built Environment" is presented in Columbia University's Earth Institute State of the Planet blog.

“In the early morning of October 16, seven experts, twenty-five students, and three professors from across the country huddled in front of their computers, switched on their cameras, and opened Zoom to participate in Professor Lynnette Widder’s “Three Resiliences Workshop,” an exploratory two-day weekend workshop in which students imagined potential solutions to improve the social, environmental, and economic resiliency in three urban communities confronting changing climate.

This workshop is the keystone of Professor Widder’s course, Responsiveness and Resilience in the Built Environment in Columbia University’s Sustainability Management master’s program. In previous years, participating students have traveled to the communities under consideration, met with local experts and residents to learn the physical and social history of their towns, and spent the weekend evaluating resiliency challenges and strategies with other students from a local university’s architecture, planning or landscape architecture masters program. But the fall 2020 semester was not like other semesters, and pandemic-related restrictions prevented the students from traveling.”

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