Remnants of a Religious Colonialism

Emeka Ogboh

Emeka Ogboh's permanent sound installation on the rooftop the Humboldt Forum, The Cosmos – Things Fall Apart, is put in context in an article on the controversial building.

“A Friday afternoon in March, on the roof terrace of the Humboldt Forum. A song suddenly sounds from some loudspeakers – to the amazement of not only this visitor: ‘Totally surprising to have such music delivered in this way on the roof of the castle, that’s now quite extraordinary,” says the man. “I think it’s great, but that’s all I know about it.’ One can hardly know more, because there is no reference to Emeka Ogboh’s sound installation anywhere . The Nigerian artist staged the traditional folk song Nne, Nne, Udu as an alternative to the cross on the neighboring dome. The Christian symbol is an instrument of the colonial rule of Europe, he says.”

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