Paths to Prison

and more from James Graham

James Graham has contributed to two publications coming out this Fall.

Read about them both below:

Paths to Prison

Paths to Prison: On the Architectures of Carcerality aims to expand the ways the built environment’s relationship to and participation in the carceral state is understood in architecture. The collected essays in this book implicate architecture in the more longstanding and pervasive legacies of racialized coercion in the United States—and follow the premise that to understand how the prison enacts its violence in the present one must shift the epistemological frame elsewhere: to places, discourses, and narratives assumed to be outside of the sphere of incarceration.”

Paths to Prison: On the Architectures of Carcerality, edited by Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt is published by Columbia University Press.

Read Graham’s contribution, “Brushy Mountain and the Architecture of Carceral Extraction,” here.

There will be a virtual book launch on October 29th

Future Anterior

“An international point of reference for the critical examination of historic preservation. Future Anterior approaches historic preservation from a position of critical inquiry, rigorous scholarship, and theoretical analysis. The journal is an important international forum for the critical examination of historic preservation, spurring challenges of its assumptions, goals, methods, and results. As the first and only journal in American academia devoted to the study and advancement of historic preservation, it provides a much-need bridge between architecture and history.”

James Graham’s contribution is entitled “‘Commercial Battles of Self-Support’: Concrete Construction and the Disabled World War I Veteran.”

Read more about Future Anterior here.

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