Outside the Archive:

Greek Zines in the Age of Documentation (SNFPHI)

Zines, self-published booklets situated within DIY culture, typically circulate outside of the institutional and the mainstream.

Recently universities, libraries, and museums in the U.S. have begun to include them in their collections and study them as unique resources for understanding popular culture, addressing pressing social issues, and identifying emerging trends in literature and the arts. In this online discussion among scholars of underground publishing, librarians, and zine-makers, we review Greek zines’ past and present, examine the consequences of zines entering the archive, and explore what it means for our understanding of cultural production when zines remain largely outside of institutional collections in Greece.

September 30th | 12 p.m. (NYC) 7 p.m. (Greece)

*The seminar will be conducted in Greek.

Co-organized with Δίκτυο για την Έρευνα της Τυπογραφίας και των Εκδόσεων.

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