More praise for Deborah Levy’s latest novel

"The Man who Saw Everything, " Affiliate Fellow Deborah Levy's latest novel, continues to be lauded around the world. In addition to being longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, this publication has received a number of positive reviews.

In a review published in The Guardian this Sunday, Stephanie Merritt writes: “Levy handles her weighty themes in this slim novel with a lightness of touch and a painfully sharp sense of what it means to look back on a life and construct a coherent whole from its fragments. The Man Who Saw Everything has already been longlisted for the Booker prize; a third shortlisting for Levy would be well deserved.”

Mia Levitin from The Spectator praises her style and characters: “The characters in The Man Who Saw Everything shape-shift, and time bends back and then twists upon itself again. Objects and animals — wolves and jaguars; sunflowers and cherry trees; a string of pearls and a toy train — echo throughout like leitmotifs. It may be best not to try to pry apart the seams and just enjoy looping the loop along Levy’s carefully crafted Möbius strip.”

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