Emeka Ogboh featured at the Museum Tinguely

Emeka Ogboh will be featured in a new exhibition entitled Amuse-bouche. The Taste of Art at the Museum Tinguely in Basel, going on through May 17th. The show gathers forty five international artists from a variety of time periods and regions whose work explores the sense of taste as a measure for aesthetic perception. In Emeka's case, he has created a new version of his classic Sufferhead Original beer.

Amuse-bouche. The Taste of Art.

” “Amuse-bouche. The Taste of Art” is the third art experiment at Museum Tinguely, entering the world of the human senses. These play an essential role in the experience of art. Our perception is always multi-sensory and strongly influenced by individual emotions and memories. Especially regarding the sense of taste, it often cannot be separated from the sense of smell or the sense of sight. “Amuse-bouche” focuses on the sense of taste and poses the question: Does art taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or even umami? What role does our sense of taste play as an artistic material and in our social interactions?”

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