Emeka Ogboh featured at the Horst Music and Arts Festival

The Way Earthly Things Are Going, an installation by Emeka Ogboh is currently on view in Vilvorde, a formerly industrial site in Belgium. This town just outside of Brussels is hosting the Horst Music and Arts Festival, celebrating architecture, electronic music and contemporary art.

On view through September 15th, The Way Earthly Things Are Going, has already been shown at such celebrated events as documenta 14 (Athens) and at the Tate Modern.

During the former’s catalogue, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung described this work as being: “…in dialogue with a traditional polyphonic choir, deliberates sonically on the multiple effects and manifestations of states of crisis. The enchanting sound installation addresses the (im-)possibility of existing in a cul-de-sac; it tells of wanderlust and yearning, of pain and a survival urge, and it features comments on and impressions of an economic crisis that has plagued and is still ravaging.”

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