Emeka Ogboh: Changing the Course of Art History

After his initial poster campaign in January demanding the return of the Benin Bronzes, Emeka Ogboh continues to advocate for the restitution of plundered artefacts to their homeland, and for the appreciation of African culture.

“The talk has been going on for too long and it is time for action… I see Benin as just a starting point. It’s not just about Benin, not just about Nigeria, not even just about Africa—it’s about the world. If the museum in Benin happens, others will.”

Following Ogboh’s Benin Bronzes restitution campaign, to which the German government has agreed, several other European museums have announced their intention to return similar artefacts. Furthermore, the French government has announced a new commission for a slave memorial at the Tuileries garden. Though the jury is at an impasse, Ogboh remains one of the shortlisted artists.

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