dok.Incubator Turns 10

featuring Mila Turajlić

On February 9th, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, dok.incubator, an international training program for documentary filmmakers, will present on line eight projects from its 2020 edition, including work by Mila Turalic.

The Labudović reels

Among the selected projects is The Labudović reels, directed and co-produced by Mila Turajlić.

“In an unexplored vault in Belgrade, the capital of the former Yugoslavia, lies a collection of films known as ‘the Labudović reels’. On them are images of African and Asian liberation movements and revolutionary leaders that defined the era of the 60s. As cameraman to Yugoslav President Tito, Stevan Labudović captured an era of politics, personality and promise, during which the Non-Aligned Movement was born. Sent on a mission by Tito to support the Algerian war of independence by providing them with images of their struggle, Stevan would play a key role in the information battle that defined the era of decolonization. An archival road trip taking us into the intimate story behind the images, accompanying the man who filmed them.”

length: 100’
estimated date of release:
September 2021

produced by: Dribbling Pictures co-producer: Survivance

The online presentation will take place at 4 pm on February 9th
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