Édouard Louis

The English edition of Édouard Louis’s Change (Penguin Books), translated by John Lambert, will be released on February 8. The work of “autofiction” has been listed as one of Vogue UK’s “Best Books of 2024”.

“A breathless account of Louis’s hard-won transformation from Eddy Bellegueule, a lonely and beleaguered little boy from northern France, into a celebrated author and public intellectual. What makes it so unsettling? There’s the bracing directness of Louis’s prose, translated into English by John Lambert; the fitful structure, crammed with self-conscious annotations and swift shifts in form; the unsparing examination of poverty and extreme privilege in modern France; the rendering of an appetite for better, different, more that can no longer reasonably be satisfied. Here, self-invention is an act of brutal violence with no discernible survivors.”

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