Art on the Dancefloor

Emeka Ogboh is back at Bergson's in Berlin

Adapting to the world during COVID 19, Berlin’s famous techno club Bergson is becoming an exhibition space. Its first show, Studio 19, will open on September 9th and will feature a sound installation by Emeka Ogboh.

“ ‘Studio Berlin,’ which opens Sept. 9 and runs through December — maybe longer, depending how the pandemic develops — is a show about the places where art gets made. Ms. Boros and the curator Juliet Kothe assembled works from 115 artists who live and work in Berlin after visiting studios around the city. Most of the pieces have been created since March.

The show is overwhelming in scope, filling the vast club, which is housed in a former power plant. More artists are taking part in this show than in the Berlin Biennial, the international exhibition, postponed from June, that opens Saturday.”

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