“Tetrachord” in Sofia
Zaid Jabri
Mud, Dung, Banana Fiber
Lynnette Widder
The Edward W. Said Memorial Lecture
Isabella Hammad
Postmemory and the Russian Skaz
Maria Stepanova
Birds & Erotic Affects
Eliza Zingesser
My Mother is a Tree
Aliyeh Ataei
Myth, Memory, Folklore
Yasmine Seale
Sweet Shop
Amit Chaudhuri
Laughter in the Dark
Yasmine El Rashidi
Le dernier bourgeon de l’avenir
Nikita Grigorov
Love and Displacement
Isabella Hammad
Raw Earth Pavilion
Lola Ben-Alon and Lynnette Widder
I Burned to the Ground
Karen Van Dyck
Daniel Mordzinski
In memoriam: Victoria Amelina
The Circle
Bouchra Khalili
The Voice of the Rural
Alessandra Ciucci
Another Room to Live In
Yasmine Seale
August Blue
Deborah Levy
Fragments d’Histoire
Lamia Joreige
Littératures en Marges
Kaiama Glover
Le Marathon des Mots
Deborah Levy
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