Thomas Dodman
Freedom Song
Amit Chaudhuri
Don’t Look
Clair Wills
Lady Stardust
Deborah Levy
Mohamed Elshahed
Representing Violence
Elsa Dorlin
Another Room to Live In
Yasmine Seale
An Architectural Squabble
Hannah Reyes Morales
Beyt el Kottab
Ersi Sotiropoulos
The Thousand and One Nights
Yasmine Seale
Tribute: Maryse Condé
Sky Macklay
To Pursue a Here Elsewhere
Éric Baudelaire
The True Nature of the Novel
Amit Chaudhuri
Jay Bernard
The Afterlives of Images
Tina Campt
Beyond Eurocentrism
Mohamed Elshahed
The High Line
Emeka Ogboh
I Can’t Hear The Birds
Fabiola Ferrero
Scenes From The Labudović Reels
Mila Turajlić
The Year of the Rat
Fiona Sze-Lorrain
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