Lynn Xu

Columbia University, Abigail R. Cohen Fellow


Born in Shanghai, Lynn Xu is a poet and Assistant Professor of Writing at the School of the Arts. She is the author of Debts & Lessons (2013) and And Those Ashen Heaps That Cantilevered Vase of Moonlight (2022), selected for the Poetry Center Book Award, and co-translator of Pee Poems by Yang Licai (aka Lao Yang). She has performed multidisciplinary works at 300 South Kelly Street, the Guggenheim Museum, the Renaissance Society, and Rising Tide Projects, and her work was the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson. She coedits Canarium Books. At the Institute, Xu will be working on a book of poems about the many journeys to Fusang—the mythical place in Classical Chinese literature that then became, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a figure of fascination for the Western imagination.

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