December 12, 2018

Xiaolu Guo:

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman
Reid Hall | 4, rue de Chevreuse 75006 Paris
Free and open to the public

In this seminar, Xiaolu Guo will be speaking about her journey as an immigrant from China to Britain, but also her life as a migrant in southern China during and after the Cultural Revolution in the 70s and 80s. In particular she will discuss being a novelist in a second language (English) after 30 years living in China, and how she tries to create a hybrid language to write and to make films. Xiaolu attempts, as Roland Barthes would put it, to find a new language in order to escape the old language – censorship and national identity. Xiaolu, who is both a novelist and filmmaker, will show clips from her films and discuss her books. She will demonstrate the possibilities of artistic expression and freedom that falls between a collective history and a personal narrative.

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