Photo Credit: Ferrante Ferranti, from Emmanuel's Rendez-vous de l'Institut talk "Filming the Gilets Jaunes: How to Express through Cinema the Interior Vibration of a Popular Movement," December 12th, 2019.

November 9, 2020

“The System is Rotten:” France’s Yellow Vest Protest Movement

A Library Chat with Emmanuel Gras and Jake Lamar
Pre-recorded discussion
Watch the video below

Filmmaker Emmanuel Gras talks with author Jake Lamar about Un Peuple, his documentary on the Gilets Jaunes.

About the Series

Even amid the pandemic, the Institute is fortunate to be able to host some remarkable thinkers. Library Chats is a new series of filmed conversations bringing together Fellows, Visitors and guests in discussion of their work. Ranging from global warming to the art of filming street protest, from poetry to human rights, the Chats will traverse a terrain of ideas both contemporary and reflective.

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