Photo: “Robert Beavers and James Edmonds,” courtesy of Josef Graßl
April 28, 2022

The Filmmaker-Physician

Gregory Markopoulos and the Restoration of Eniaios
Every four years since 2004, spectators have gathered in a field in the Peloponnese to watch newly restored portions of Eniaios—the silent 80-hour film that Gregory Markopoulos had fully edited but not yet printed when he died in 1992.

Markopoulos believed in the curative properties of cinema and since his passing a dedicated circle of artists and supporters has committed to the preservation of his legacy and the promulgation of his vision for a humanistic cinema free from the conventions of the film industry. This event presents Robert Beavers’ 2016 short film Shared Table on the restoration work of Eniaios in Berlin and a digitized segment of Eniaios. The screenings will be accompanied by a discussion between Robert Beavers, film scholar and writer Rebekah Rutkoff, and members of the restoration team.

In collaboration with Temenos and the Institute for Ideas and Imagination.


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