Photo by Leonardo Ramirez
May 7, 2020

Pauchi Sasaki

Speaker Dress No. 3: Humanizing Technology through Sound and Gesture
Zoom video conference
Pauchi Sasaki, will be in conversation with fellow composer Zosha Di Castri, and will discuss her work on "Speaker Dress No. 3: Humanizing Technology through Sound and Gesture."

The Speaker Dress (SD) is an interdisciplinary project that combines disciplines such as coding, sound art, music, fashion, dance, and visual arts. This artistic research reflects on the relationship between human creativity/expressivity and technology, and the influence they have on each other. Technology is approached as an extension of human gesture, and not as a self-contained source of meaning. In this sense, the SD aims to find new narratives, questioning the relationship between performer and music-making. Instead of using electronic devices as an external interface to generate sound, the SD turns the performer into an instrument. In the lecture, the timeline of the project and the creative process of SD no.3 will be exposed. This process includes a study on metal in female fashion, the creation of a functional notation that integrates musical and movement/dance notation with technical cues, the conceptual foundation of this third installment of the project, as well as the inspirations for the design of a new operatic performance that will home the SD no.3.

Thursday, May 7, 3:00 p.m. (Paris time): .

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