May 12, 2023

Nuit de l’Imagination: La nuit

Reid Hall | 4, rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris
Free and open to the public

This event will be held in English and French.

This event has separate tickets for the first and second parts. If you would also like to attend the first part with your children, please sign up here.

The Nuit de l’Imagination is dedicated to climate-change awareness and exploring innovative solutions to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprints. The evening will include workshops, films, exhibits, conversations, and performances, each designed to highlight how we can reassess our daily habits and the lasting effects they may have on the world.

The event will begin with a goûter and children’s activities from 16h30 to 18h00, followed by workshops, films, and conversations for adults from 18h00 to 19h30. Food and drinks will be provided during this time.

We will conclude with two headline performances beginning at 20h00 in our newly renovated Grande Salle. Photographer and Institute Fellow Hannah Reyes Morales, curator David Loughran, and writer Nicola Sebastian—the co-founders of Emerging Islands, a Filipino coastal-based arts collective and residency—will present their climate-focused work. Finally, composer and Institute Fellow Pauchi Sasaki will screen ENTYO, co-directed by Jack Lo, a film about the indigenous women guarding the Amazon rainforest.

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