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October 13, 2020

Debating the Future of Europe:

How Can Europe Achieve Social Justice?
Zoom video conference
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In the context of increased concern in Europe and America about inequalities, social exclusion, and discrimination, this debate will revisit Europe's commitment to promoting social justice.

Join Leila Hadj Abdou (European University Institute), Turkuler Isiksel, (Columbia), and Andreas Wimmer (Columbia) as they discuss current social and political trends in Europe and whether the EU is well-placed to address these challenges. The debate will be moderated by German television journalist Ali Aslan.

About the series:

This discussion is part of the series “Debating the Future of Europe,” organized by Columbia Global Centers | Paris, the European Institute and the Alliance Program. The series is co-sponsored by Columbia’s Alumni Association, Institute for Ideas and Imagination, European Legal Studies Center, Maison Française, and the Columbia University Libraries. These debates are made possible in part thanks to the support of the Erasmus + programme of the European Union and the Advisory Board of the Paris Global Center.

From October 2020-March 2021, the “Debating the Future of Europe” series will present twelve online programs on six important questions facing Europe today:

Oct 6/13: How Can Europe Achieve Social Justice?

Nov 10/17: Are Europe and America Drifting Apart?

Dec 8/15: Can the EU Lead the Fight Against Climate Change?

Jan 20/26: Is Europe Democratic?

Feb 9: Is There a European Identity?

Mar 9: Can Europe Be Sovereign?

The six issues will be explored in two programs apiece, an interview in French followed a week later by a moderated discussion in English. The twelve programs will feature a mix of leading scholars from Columbia who specialize on European affairs and prominent creative writers, intellectuals, scholars, and journalists from the EU.


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