November 19, 2020

Extra-Terrestrial Ethnographies of the Future-Present

Part I: Writing Workshop
Taking the contemporary moment as an alien world, participants in this two-part workshop will embark on “tracking” missions, using memes, news media, vlogs, archival images, political satire, peer commentary, and works of fiction (e.g., plague literature) as “data” to create a collaborative sci–fi ethnography.

The resulting textual body—an extra-terrestrial account of our “new normal”—will evolve online through a collaborative platform and result in a zine publication prepared by participants on December 17. The workshop will be conducted in Greek, with an Εnglish option.

With Alexandra Siotou (University of Thessaly), George Mantzios (University of Toronto), and Penelope Papailias (University of Thessaly).

In collaboration with the University of Thessaly research project Greek Future Archive of Socialities Under Quarantine and the Anthrobombing platform.

Part of the University Seminar in Modern Greek Series.

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