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October 25, 2023

Concert | Matteo Cimatti and Hanna Khmara

1991 Project
Reid Hall | 4 rue de Chevreuse 75006 Paris
Free and open to the public / Registration required
The 1991 Project presents musical duo Matteo Cimatti, violin, and Hanna Khmara, piano, for a classical music concert celebrating Ukrainian and French composers.

This series is co-sponsored by Columbia Global Centers | Paris and 1991 Project.


  • Yevhen Stankovych, On the Verkhovyna Plateau, triptych, 1972
  • Myroslav Skoryk, Spanish dance from the Suite to Lesya Ukrainka’s drama “Fireplace Master”, 1971
  • Valentyn Silvestrov, Songs without words, 2004
  • Maurice Ravel, Sonata No.2 in G major, 1923-27
  • Claude Debussy, Fantoches, 1891
  • Claude Debussy, La Fille aux cheveux de lin, 1910
  • Maurice Ravel, Tzigane, 1924

Matteo Cimatti is a frequent guest at some of the most prestigious and interesting festivals and collaborates with foundations and associations in Italy and abroad, such as the Associazione Piero Farulli. Since 2019 he has been a young artist of Musica Insieme Bologna. Among the most recent engagements, in June 2023 Matteo will be among the protagonists of their Summer Music Festival. Since 2019 he has been one of the most requested artists by the International Lyceum Club of Firenze, and was recently invited for a recital in collaboration with the Amici della Musica di Firenze.

Hanna Khmara has performed various solo parts as a pianist in orchestras, playing compositions by Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Niels Gade, Astor Piazzolla, Igor Stravinsky, and many other composers. She is also experienced in playing the organ, harpsichord, and celesta. Chamber music plays a significant role in Hanna’s career, and she has been giving concerts since 1994 in Ukraine and abroad. Recently, Hanna Khmara has been working on a thesis focused on the instrumental music of Ukrainian composers from the 18th century. She has published several articles in specialized publications and magazines for a wide audience.Hanna has actively participated in numerous conferences, presenting various aspects of music-making during the 18th century.

1991 Project

The 1991 Project is the 2023/24 project-in-residence of the Reid Hall Displaced Artist Initiatives.


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