MARCH 23, 2023
Yasmin El-Rifae
MARCH 30, 2023
Barry Bergdoll
Out of Site/In Plain View: A History of Exhibiting Architecture Since 1750
SNF Rendez-Vous
APRIL 3, 2023
Nusantara and Beyond
Hannah Reyes Morales and Ian Teh
APRIL 12, 2023
Data’s Human History with Chris Wiggins and Matthew Jones
Entre Nous
APRIL 13, 2023
Sabelo Mlangeni
Uniting ‘open landscapes’ (Ngiyobona Phambili)
SNF Rendez-Vous
APRIL 24, 2023
Enter Ghost
Isabella Hammad
Entre Nous
APRIL 27, 2023
Xiaolu Guo
MAY 4, 2023
Pauchi Sasaki
SNF Rendez-Vous
MAY 11, 2023
William Dougherty
(Re)soundings Renewed
SNF Rendez-Vous
MAY 15, 2023
The Code of Capital
Katharina Pistor
MAY 30, 2023
Barry Bergdoll and Anselm Kiefer in conversation
Barry Bergdoll
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