Yasmine Seale RDV Loves Grammar
OCTOBER 27, 2022
Yasmine Seale
Love's Grammar
SNF Rendez-Vous
An Elegy for the Crossing Ciucci
OCTOBER 20, 2022
Alessandra Ciucci
An Elegy for the Crossing: Nass El Ghiwane’s "as-Səmṭa"
SNF Rendez-Vous
NOVEMBER 17, 2022
Eliza Zingesser
Lovebirds: Avian Erotic Entanglements in Medieval French and Occitan Literature
SNF Rendez-Vous
DECEMBER 8, 2022
Isabella Hammad
Some Third Element
SNF Rendez-Vous
JANUARY 12, 2023
Brian Larkin
Secular Machines, Media and the Materiality of Islamic Revival
SNF Rendez-Vous
JANUARY 26, 2023
Melina León
San Blas
SNF Rendez-Vous
FEBRUARY 9, 2023
Yala Kisukidi
About Wonder: Literature as a Diaspora
SNF Rendez-Vous
MARCH 2, 2023
Hannah Reyes Morales
Living Lullabies
SNF Rendez-Vous
MARCH 16, 2023
John Phan
Vulgar Experiments
SNF Rendez-Vous
APRIL 13, 2023
Sabelo Mlangeni
Ngiyobona Phambili
SNF Rendez-Vous
MARCH 30, 2023
Barry Bergdoll
Out of Site/In Plain View: A History of Exhibiting Architecture Since 1750
SNF Rendez-Vous
MAY 11, 2023
William Dougherty
(Re)sounding Voices: Listening to Loss and Decay
SNF Rendez-Vous
MAY 4, 2023
Pauchi Sasaki
The Way to the Moon: The Creative Process of ARTEMIS Opera
SNF Rendez-Vous
Coded Power Pistor
OCTOBER 6, 2022
Katharina Pistor
Coded Power
SNF Rendez-Vous
Ersi Plato
SEPTEMBER 29, 2022
Ersi Sotiropoulos
Between Scylla and Charybdis
SNF Rendez-Vous
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