Tapao Orccoy

Pauchi Sasaki

The new normal forces us to look for other ways of relating to our environment. Despite social restrictions and confinement, we artists have not stopped creating. Given the impossibility of presenting ourselves in public, we have quickly adapted to the virtual world. Many of us have already registered our performances, and curiously enough, we have coincided in digitally recreating natural spaces, searching for amplitude and freedom. I ask myself: If in traditional cultures, forests are inhabited by magical beings, is it possible that this new nature also develops its own mystical level? Tapao Orccoy explores the idea of virtual animism and the interaction of our subjectivity with this second nature.

Composition for solo violin and electronics, 2020

A project by Pauchi Sasaki commissioned by 1° Feria Virtual de Discos y Sellos Discográficos organized by Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima (MAC) y Contrapedal.

Composed by Pauchi Sasaki, in collaboration with visual artist Juan Carlos Yanaura.

Pauchi Sasaki


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