Selected Poems

The Scope of Darkness, 2019

The Ruined Elegance, 2016
My Funeral Gondola, 2013
Water the Moon, 2010
Poems by Yin Lichuan, 2020

Poet, fiction writer, essayist, film director, and scriptwriter Yin Lichuan is one of the founders of the “Lower Body” Movement based in Beijing during the early 2000s. Born in 1973 in Chongqing, Sichuan province, she has published several books of prose and fiction, and three collections of poetry. Since 2006, Yin has devoted herself to filmmaking. She lives in Beijing.

Photo: Qingtouyi, Yin Lichuan

Poems by Greta Knutsen, 2019

Photo: Man Ray, Greta Knutson, 1935

Artwork credits: Sze-Lorrain’s collaboration with Fritz Horstman at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

Fiona Sze-Lorrain


Les Parapluies du 14ème
Walter Frisch
SEPTEMBER 25, 2023
Reimagining the Digital Code
MAY 16, 2023
A Man Contemplating his Life
MAY 11, 2023
Post-Civil War America and Anti-Asian Racism
MAY 5, 2023
The High Winds of Kerguelen
MARCH 10, 2023
Poetics of War
Library Chat - Nikita Grigorov and Ihor Mitrov
MARCH 6, 2023
The Curious Life of Objects
Natalka Bilotserkivets and Zoya Laktionova
MARCH 3, 2023
Dream Series: Episode 2
FEBRUARY 28, 2023
Falling Asleep
Dream Series: Episode 1
FEBRUARY 28, 2023
A Conversation on Typhoons
FEBRUARY 24, 2023
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