July 27 2020

k’uKu Pauchi Sasaki

Music of the Americas presents the online world premiere of k’uKu, a composition for string quintet, percussion, voice, electronics, and video, with music by Pauchi Sasaki and video by Juan Carlos Yanaura, commissioned by Americas Society. Shot during the COVID-19 confinement in cities across the US and in Lima, the source video material is 3D scans made by the musicians with their phones in their homes and studios. These images become figures and environments that are in constant dialogue.

Commissioned by Americas Society, k'uKu ('Unripe Fruit' in Quechua) was originally conceived as a site-specific multimedia performance to take place in New York's Central Park, and became a site-specific place for the virtual space created by Sasaki and Yanaura. Performers include members of the orchestral collective The Knights alongside percussionist Haruka Fujii and Sasaki herself on voice and electronics.

Image: Still from k’uKu music video, 2020.

k’uKu" World Premiere


  • Pauchi Sasaki: composer, voice, electronics
  • Haruka Fujii: percussion
  • Juan Carlos Yanaura: video artist
  • Emily Daggett Smith: violin*
  • Nanae Iwata: violin*
  • Kyle Armbrust: viola*
  • Jane Cords-O'Hara: cello*
  • Logan Coale: bass*

*Musicians from The Knights

Audio description in English and Spanish provided by Art Spark Texas.

This performance is also supported, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Copyright © 2020 ASCOA / P.Sasaki / All Rights Reserved

"k’uKu" World Premiere and Discussion with Sebastián Zubieta, Music Director at Americas Society


Pauchi Sasaki


Pauchi Sasaki is a composer, performer, and improviser who recreates intimate subjective landscapes through electro-acoustic sonorities, influenced by improvisational aesthetics and ethnic musical traditions. Her interdisciplinary approach integrates musical composition with the design of multimedia performances, the application of new technologies, and the development of self-designed instruments. Her film scores appear in more than thirty feature and short films. She...