April 14 2021

Abécédaire: "Epsilon as R" Ersi Sotiropoulos

Abécédaire: "Epsilon as R"

A Poem by Ersi Sotiropoulos

with Ersi Sotiropoulos and Lynnette Widder

Flavien Epiret: Videographer and editor

James Allen: Project coordinator

English translation by Paul Vangelisti

Each year, the Fellows and staff of the Institute for Ideas and Imagination participate in making our "abécédaire." Each one chooses a letter, and a word that starts with that letter and explains why this word is important, and what it means to him or her.

© Ferrante Ferranti

© James Allen


Ersi Sotiropoulos

Ersi Portrait

Ersi Sotiropoulos is a poet and novelist who lives in Athens, Greece....